Workbook lists

Djeeni allows you to work with a set of workbooks by repeating steps for a worksheet of each workbook in the set. You should use WBook List Start and WBook List Next to create a loop:

  WBook List Start <workbook list>
    ...Process Steps repeated for a worksheet in each workbook from <workbook list>...
  WBook List Next

All workbooks in a workbook list are either source or target workbooks. You can nest workbook lists to use multiple source and target workbooks at the same time:

  WBook List Start <source workbooks>
    ... Process steps for each source worksheet...
    WBook List Start <target workbooks>
      ...Process Steps repeated for each source-target worksheet pair...
    WBook List Next
  WBook List Next

Please note that if in the above example we have 3 source files and 2 target files then the steps in the inner workbook list are executed 6 times (source1-target1, source2-target1, source3-target1, source1-target2, source2-target2, source3-target2).

The filenames in a source file list can contain wildcard characters ? (1 character in the filename of the workbook) and * (several characters in the filename of the workbook). The workbook list can contain several filenames separated by semicolons (;). Examples:

  c:\reports\jan2020.xlsx                           'one file
  c:\reports\jan201?.xlsx                           'all January reports 2010-2019
  c:\inputs\*.xlsx                                  'all files from the inputs folder
  c:\company1\report.xlsx; c:\company2\report.xlsx  'workbooks from different folders