Working with Worksheets

Djeeni can execute the following worksheet related process steps:

  • WSheet Use: Specify a worksheet to be used in the process (either as a source or target data set)
  • WSheet Add: Add a worksheet next to another worksheet
  • WSheet Filter Add: Add a filter to a worksheet
  • WSheet Filter Clear: Clear the filter on a worksheet
  • WSheet Rename: Rename an existing worksheet in use
  • WSheet Create PDF: Create a PDF file from a worksheet
  • Cleanse Date: Get rid of possible irregularities (extra empty rows/columns; badly formatted dates or numbers) on a worksheet before actual processing
  • WSheet Release: Release a worksheet with a Djeeni name if processing is ready

How Djeeni manages worksheets

Next to the explicit Wsheet Use, Wsheet Release and WBook List Start process steps Djeeni actively manages the open worksheets by the following rules:

  • At the end of the process all source worksheets in use are released without saving and the corresponding workbooks closed
  • At the end of the process all target worksheets in use are released without saving; the corresponding workbooks remain open
  • At the Wbook List Next process step the current worksheet in the list is released and closed and the next worksheet is used.