Range Copy/Move To

The basic process step to move data from one location to another is Range Copy/Move To. It works exactly the same as its manual version in Excel. You should first define ('select') the source range and then specify the top-left cell of the target range:

The source range can be also specified by a named range.

Then, you have to chose whether you want to copy or move the specified range.

The last two options are the same as in Excel:

  • you can overwrite the target range or insert you source range above or left to it; and
  • you can choose what you want to copy/move: values, formats, formulas or all of them

Range copy/move takes into account filters and hidden data - only visible, filtered data will be copied/moved. For example:

  • You filter the worksheet wsExample by a value in Column B. Rows 4 and row 7 matches the filter criteria.
  • Column C is hidden on wsExample. Then you copy the range wsExample!A1:D7 to another location. Only the two filtered rows (4 and 7) and the 3 visible columns (A, B, D) will be copied.