E-mail Download

Djeeni allows you to download office files and pdf file attachments from any email in your Outlook inbox by searching for target email(s) with those attachments using the four search parameters (Account, Sender, Subject, Date from and Date to - first four parameters of the process step). The folder where you want to save the attachments has to be specified in the Save to Folder parameter:

  • Account: The account which we use to download attachments. This field will be filled with the user’s primary Outlook account, but It’s possible to use any other email in your Outlook inbox.
  • Sender (Optional): The sender's email address (the person who sent you the email you want to download the attachments from).
  • Subject (Optional): Subject of the email you want to find. If you enter only a part of the subject, it still counts as a match. (For example - you are searching for an email with the subject line “New report 20200425”. Entering the “20200425” part in the Subject parameter will find the required email.
  • Date from (Optional): The earliest date when the email(s) you are looking for were received.
  • Date to (Optional): The latest date when the email(s) you are looking for were received.
  • Save to folder: Path of the folder you want to save the attachments from the emails found.
  • Options (Optional): No additional options available at the moment.

At least one of the four search parameters (Sender, Subject, Date from, and Date to) must be filled.


Note: The parameters can contain information from the process using easy-to-use but powerful extended Djeeni formulas.