E-mail Send

The Djeeni process can send emails to users about the status or results of processing and/or send any file attachment using the E-mail Send process step with the following parameters:

  • Account: The account which we use to send email from. This field will be filled with the user’s primary Outlook account, but It’s possible to use any other email in your Outlook inbox.
  • To (Optional): The main addressee(s)
  • Bc (Optional): The secondary addressee(s)
  • Bcc (Optional): The secret addressee(s)
  • Subject (Optional): Subject of the email
  • Message (Optional): The actual text of the email
  • Attachment (Optional): Full path to the attachment file you want to include in the email (at the moment only one attachment per email is possible).
  • Options (Optional): No additional options available at the moment.

At least one of To, Bc or Bcc should be filled. At least one of Subject or Body should be filled.


Note: The parameters can contain custom information from the process using easy-to-use but powerful extended Djeeni formulas.