Cell Lookup

This step is used when you have a certain value and you are interested in which cell in a specified range that value is saved. There are three parameters that you have to specify:

  • Cell Djeeni name: Djeeni name with the absolute address of the cell where the value that you were searching for was found. You can refer to the found cell, column or row number later in other steps by using '|cell', '|column' or '|row' additions.
  • Search for value (formula): Value that you are searching for. It can be specified either explicitly (e.g. “green”) or with an MS Excel/Djeeni formula.
  • Within range: The range within which you want the search to be conducted.

As it is mentioned above, the found cell address is saved in the Djeeni name of the process step. You can later refer to it using the following syntax:

#ceFound|cell  - referring to the found cell
#ceFound|column  - referring to the column number of the found cell
#ceFound|row  - referring to the row number of the found cell

Note: If the value is not found in the specified range, then you can set

  • if the execution of the process will be stopped; or
  • an invalid cell address is returned that can be checked later in the process.

Example: You are searching for a cell with value 8 within the worksheet with wsTest Djeeni name in the A1:A5 range. Then you replace that value with 16.