Process Editor

The process editor of Djeeni is built on top of the Microsoft Excel environment and features a custom user interface. It has been developed to allow you to create Djeeni processes as quick and easy as possible. It consists of the three main elements, as shown on the screenshot below:

  1. Views (Visual Editor, Detail Editor, Execution Log, Settings)

Visual Editor View

This is the friendly, well-known view of any business process. Easy to use for building the first draft version of the Djeeni process. For the final touches, you can switch to the Text Editor.

Detail Editor View

The Detail Editor View is the view where you can see and control the finest settings and details of the Djeeni process. Mostly you do not need it and it is much simpler to use than it looks for the first time: you should only check and edit values in the cells of Column C.

Execution Log View

Very important: when a process is executed you should be certain that everything has happened according to the plans. Djeeni is very diligent and makes notes of every executed step of the process: worksheet is opened or created, data is copied, filtered, e-mail is sent etc. You can see all notes on this view.