WSheet Link To PowerPoint

This step will allow us to insert a chart or create a table from Excel and insert into a PowerPoint slider. The step has the following parameters:

  • PowerPoint file: The path and name of the PowerPoint file we want to insert into.
  • Slide number: The number of the slide where we wish to insert the chart or table. If the slider doesn’t exist yet Djeeni will make automatically.
  • Action type: We can choose the type of action to be done on the PowerPoint:
    • Create: Create the chart or table and place it into the slide.
    • Append: Add a new chart or table next to an existing one.
    • Delete: Delete an existing chart or table from.
  • Chart name (Optional): The source or target worksheet’s Djeeni name and the name of the chart we wish to insert into PowerPoint.
  • Range (Optional): The source or target worksheet’s Djeeni name and the range which we wish to use to create a table from.
  • Options (Optional): No additional options available at the moment.

Note: Either Chart name or Range is required to fill.