Row/Column lists

Djeeni lets you process information from every row/column of a worksheet. Put your process steps between Row List Start and Row List Next/Column List Start and Column List Next:

  Row List Start
    ...Process steps for each row on the worksheet...
  Row List Next
  Column List Start
    ...Process steps for each column on the worksheet...
  Column List Next  

If you want to refer to a cell of the current row/column inside the row/column list you can use #. For example, if you have a list of departments and column C contains the names of the departments then:


is the department name in the current row of the row list.

In case you nest several row/column lists then you should qualify the current row/column reference by the Djeeni Name of that list:

  Row List Start djeeniName:Outer
    [$wsName!C#]                               '# refers to the row list Outer
    Column List Start djeeniName:Inner
      [$wsName!#4]                             '# refers to the column list Inner
      [$wsName!C#]                             '# still refers (and valid!) to Inner
      [#wsName!C[#|Outer]]                     '# with qualifier refers to Outer
    Column List Next
  Row List Next

NB: column references behave as numbers in contexts (e.g. calculations, row numbers) where the column letter would be invalid