WSheet Filter Add

The Worksheet Filter Add process step allows you to filter the specified column of the specified worksheet. It works like the Excel data filter. You can filter by up to two criteria by adding them to the criteria fields and choosing the logical operator (And / Or). If you want to filter by only one value/expression, you should leave the optional “Filter operator” parameter empty.

In order to filter by more than two values on the same column (with Or logic) just add additional step WSheet Filter Add to the process and enter the required parameters.

You can add auto filters to a worksheet with the following parameters:

  • On worksheet Djeeni name: the Djeeni name of a worksheet in use.
  • Column letter (e.g. A): to which the filter is applied
  • Criteria 1: The first criteria given following the MS Excel filtering syntax
  • Filter operator (optional): If two criteria is given then the operator between them – And / Or
  • Criteria 2 (optional): The second criteria given following the MS Excel syntax