WBook Rename

If it is needed then an existing workbook can be renamed and/or moved or copied with the following parameters:

  • Old filename with folder and filetype (extension): the original location of the workbook in the file system
  • (Optional) new folder: if this parameter is specified then the workbook will be moved from the original folder to the new folder (with possible different name). If this parameter is not specified then the workbook will be renamed in the original folder.
  • New filename: The new physical name of the workbook in the file system. Djeeni converts no workbook while performing WBook Rename, therefore, you can not specify a new filetype (extension) for the workbook.
  • Options: by default WBook Rename does not overwrite existing files and stops with error. Check the 'overwrite' option to delete an existing file with the new name before the workbook is renamed. Also, if you want to keep the original workbook, then select the Create a copy checkbox

If one or more worksheets are used from this workbook they will be automatically updated in Djeeni to refer to the new physical location of the containing workbook.

Example: A workbook that was uploaded to an FTP folder is moved to another folder (f:\finance\toBeProcessed) and renamed before it is further processed.