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If - Else - End If

The three process steps If, Else and End If together allow you to perform certain process steps if a condition is true (steps between If and Else) or false (between Else and End If):

  If <condition>
    ...Process steps if <condition> is true...
    ...Process steps if <condition> is false...
  End If

Else is optional - in this case, all steps between If and End If are executed only if the condition is true.

You can nest Ifs:

  If <condition1>
    ...Process steps if <condition1> is true...
    If <condition2>
      ...Process steps if both conditions are true...
      ...Process steps if <condition1> is true but <condition2> is false
    End If
    ...Process steps if <condition1> is true...
  End If

You can use any condition that you would use with the MS Excel IF function (referencing cells and ranges according to the Djeeni formula syntax). Some examples:

  [$wsSource!A4] > 5          'value of cell A4 on the worksheet wsSource is bigger than  5 (numeric value)
  [#] = 2                     'the current row/column number of a Row/Column List is 2
  [$wsSource!C#] = "Finance"  'the value of the cell in Column C and the current row number of a Row List is "Finance" (string value)