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E-mail Send - E-mail küldés

The Djeeni process can send emails to users about the status or results of processing and/or send any file attachment using the E-mail Send process step with the following parameters:

  • To (Optional): The main addressee(s)
  • Bc (Optional): The secondary addressee(s)
  • Bcc (Optional): The secret addressee(s)
  • Subject (Optional): Subject of the email
  • Message (Optional): The actual text of the email
  • Attachment (Optional): Full path to the attachment file you want to include in the email (at the moment only one attachment per email is possible).
  • Options (Optional): No additional options available at the moment.

At least one of To, Bc or Bcc should be filled. At least one of Subject or Body should be filled.


Note: The message can contain parameter info from the process using easy-to-use but powerful extended Djeeni formulas.