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WBook New - Új munkafüzet

You can create new target workbooks during the execution of the Djeeni process. This step also automatically creates one worksheet in the new workbook and assigns it a Djeeni name. The named worksheet can then be used further in the process. This process step has the following parameters:

  • Worksheet Djeeni name (optional): this name identifies the chosen worksheet of the new workbook during the Djeeni process. If this parameter is omitted then the worksheet will be automatically released after the creation and you will not be able to access it in the Djeeni process.
  • Using template (folder and filename) (optional): if the template file is given then the new workbook will be created using the template file (with one or more worksheets)
  • Folder name (e.g. C:\Finance\myFolder) (optional): If this parameter is not specified then Djeeni creates the new workbook in the folder where the Djeeni client is placed.
  • Filename (without filetype/extension): The name of the workbook in the file system without the extension (.xls/.xslx).
  • Filetype / Extension: The extension at the end of the filename (.xls/.xslx).
  • Worksheet Excel name (optional): The Excel name of the chosen worksheet in the workbook. If not specified then the first worksheet of the workbook is chosen (Sheet1).

Example: During the process we create a new target workbook for the actual month budget based on a template located at c:\finance\templates\monthlyBudgetTemplate.xlsx and place it into the folder c:\finance\budget\2018 with name Jan2018.xlsx. The file is kept for further operations by specifying a Djeeni name.

Note: The filename that you can set can be specified using easy-to-use but powerful extended Djeeni Formula.