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Text Editor

The Text Editor is the view to create your Djeeni process up to the finest detail. On top of the editor view, your email address and the name of the process that has currently being edited are shown (grey fill).

Edit section

There are three sections in the view. The leftmost section is called 'Edit', where you can see and edit the current process i.e., the ordered list of the process steps and their parameters. Column A ('Step') shows the names of the process steps; columns B and C ('Parameters') show the name/description and the value of each parameter. Each row contains one parameter of a particular process step while each process step can have zero or more parameters. Mandatory parameters that must have a value set, have a different cell background and font colour.

Check section

When the Execute button is pressed on the Process Toolbar or on the Ribbon, Djeeni first evaluates whether the process steps and parameter values are correct. In case the parameter value is valid, the program will display 'OK' message in the 'Check' column and in the same row as the parameter in question.

If something went wrong, however, the message 'Error' will be displayed. You can click on it to open the error popup window with the details about the error.

Log section

Here the log of execution of every step is shown. It can be accessed by clicking on the log button in the “Editor Panels” section of the ribbon or at the bottom of the process toolbar.

The rows in the first two columns of the log show the result of the last execution of the corresponding process step (note that each step can be executed multiple times in the same execution of a process if a Row List or WBook List is used), in the Edit section. The rightmost Log column gives deeply detailed information about each and every action of the process