Process Toolbar

The Process Toolbar is the popup window that is displayed on top of the process editor interface. On the toolbar you will find buttons to add, edit or remove process steps in the currently opened process in the Editor view, clear the whole editor view and switch between the three views: Editor, Diagram and Settings. The section at the very bottom contains two buttons. The first one on the left toggles or hide the Log columns in the process editor, while the second one executes the process that is opened at the moment.

You can show/hide the Process Toolbar by clicking on the “Toolbar” toggle button in the Editor Panels section of the ribbon.

Add Step

To add a step, first choose one of the process step categories listed on the top of the toolbar. Once the category is chosen, the small window beneath gets populated with a list of process steps belonging to that category. Click on the desired process step.

The selected process step can be added to the process in two ways. Click on the button “To end” below the process step list and the selected process step is immediately added to the end of the process. Another option is to add it before the current process step (marked by the black background) by clicking on the button named “Before” below the process step list.


Under the section “Steps” the buttons for editing or removing the currently selected process step in the process editor, and the button for clearing the whole process editor are placed.