Modifying Worksheets/Workbooks

Djeeni can perform the MS Excel workbook and worksheet manipulation operations.

Creating a new workbook

Use the Wbook New process step (under the Workbook category on the Process Toolbar). Tips to fill out the parameters

  • It is not necessary to type the physical location of the workbook. Double click on the WBook New name in column A and use the Browse button in the popup window to select the containing folder.
  • Workbooks will be created with one worksheet. This one worksheet can be a normal empty worksheet or can contain a template from another file.
  • The Djeeni name will identify the only worksheet in it and not the workbook.
  • It is not compulsory to give a Djeeni name to the new workbook. If there is no name given then the workbook will not be accessible by the Djeeni process. But this is really OK if you want to create just a series of 'empty' workbooks based on a template.
  • Djeeni can check if the workbook to be created already exists or not and prevent accidental overwriting. Set the Workbook action parameter accordingly (see also Using Worksheets).
  • If you do not give an MS Excel name to your worksheet it will be named 'Sheet1'

Renaming a workbook

Djeeni can rename or move your workbook with the WBook Rename process step (under the Workbook category on the Process Toolbar). Tips to fill out the parameters:

  • The workbook can be moved to another folder with this operation.
  • The file extension can not be changed
  • You can specify 'Overwrite' in Options if you allow overwriting an existing file.

Adding a worksheet to a workbook

Djeeni can add a new worksheet next to an already used worksheet. Use the WSheet Add process step (under category Worksheet on the Process Toolbar).

Renaming a worksheet

Djeeni can rename a worksheet in use. Use the WSheet Rename process step (under category Worksheet on the Process Toolbar).

Inserting rows/columns into a worksheet

If it is needed to insert rows or columns onto a target worksheet then the Insert Row/Column process step (under category Range / Cell on the Process Toolbar) comes handy. Djeeni intelligently recognizes if it is about inserting columns (letter) or rows (number).

Why there is no delete worksheet or delete workbook?

Djeeni puts safety first. It protects source worksheets from being even modified and in general prevents any data loss. If there would be delete worksheet or delete workbook it would be accidentally used unintended. We really want to avoid that. So, we intentionally do not provide the option to delete anything.