Workbook lists

Data processing frequently involves working with a set (or list) of workbooks, each containing a worksheet with the same data structure that should be consolidated (if they are data sources) or should be created (in case of target data). Djeeni has the powerful WBook List Start and WBook List Next process steps that can process multiple workbooks in a loop.

At WBook List Start you instruct Djeeni to take the workbooks in its list one by one and select a worksheet from the current workbook. Further process steps will work with this selected worksheet up to WBook List Next. At this point Djeeni takes the next workbook, select the specified worksheet out of it and repeats the process steps up to WBook List Next:

  WBook List Start
    ...Process steps to be performed for a specified worksheet
    in each workbook from the workbook list...
  WBook List Next

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